5 Common Reasons why Lights Flicker when the Dishwasher is On

You’re disturbed by the flickering in your LED lights whenever you use the dishwasher.

Wondering why the LED lights in your home flicker when the dishwasher is running?

Are you stuck and want to know what to check for and how to stop the flicker?

If so then this post is for you. In this post, you’ll get to know the probable reasons why the lights are flickering, what checks you can do to confirm the cause and where available suggested fixes to fix the flicker.

Quick Answer

If the lights in your home flicker, then it’s usually one of the following – an issue with the dishwasher, its power connections, and possibly the lights themselves.

Read on to learn more about what specifically can be the problem with each and what you may be able to do to stop the flicker.

Why do the (LED) lights flicker when the Dishwasher is Running?

#1. Overloaded electric circuit. Is the dishwasher on a shared or dedicated circuit? Connecting the dishwasher on a shared circuit rather than on a dedicated circuit can overload the electric circuit, especially when the electric heater is activated.

The resultant heavy current draw causes a voltage drop that is picked up and shows up as flicker in the LEDs.

To check the magnitude of the voltage drop, use an AC voltmeter that can record both the minimum and maximum voltage when the dishwasher is running.

If you have a significant voltage drop, definitely consider connecting the dishwasher to a dedicated circuit. Consult a qualified electrician to support you.

#2. The LED lights are connected to dimmer switches. Dimmer switches are more susceptible to voltage changes and flicker when there is a change.

You can confirm this by checking (if you have) any lights not connected to a dimmer switch. Do these lights flicker too? If not, then it is likely an issue with the dimmer switches.

You can try replacing one dimmer switch for a start and checking if the flicker stops. If it works then move on to replace the others.

#3. The Dishwasher motor is generating interference. Electrical interference from the dishwasher as the internal pump runs can generate electrical interference that is then picked up by the LED circuits causing the flicker.

You may have to install a plugin EMI filter at the dishwasher outlet to limit the interference. Check if this clears the flicker or not.

#4. Loose wire connections in the dishwasher connections to the wall outlet, LED lights, or the service panel, and make sure that they are firmly connected.

There are cases where a loose neutral wire in the service panel is the source of the flicker. Consult a qualified electrician to support you on this. Loose wire connection can cause flickering

What to Do When the LED lights flicker

If the lights flicker when the dishwasher is running, double check if indeed it is because of the dishwasher. Switch off the dishwasher.

Does the flickering stop or does it continue? If it continues then there is likely another appliance that is causing the flicker.

Next, review the reasons outlined that may be causing the flicker.

Is the Dishwasher Faulty?

A dishwasher with a loose or sparking wire connection(s) can cause interference which can be picked up other appliances on the same or adjacent electrical circuits.

If you pick up a burnt electrical or rubber smell then you probably have a case of loose, sparking, or damaged electrical wire connections.

Closing Thoughts

If the LED lights flicker when the dishwasher runs, check for voltage drops or interference in the electrical circuit.

A voltage drop may be caused by an overloaded circuit. Loose wire connections or the pump can generate EMI interference that is detectable by the LED lights.

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