Does your Washing Machine make a Buzzing Noise when Spinning? What to Do

Note: The information provided here is only intended as a guide. Always consult your washing machine owner manual or a qualified technician.

Is your washer making an unusual buzzing or humming sound during the wash and spin cycle?

While you may hear a gentle buzzing sound in some washing machines when the inlet solenoid valve opens to let in freshwater or as the motor spins the basket, a loud buzzing sound is not normal.

This post lists the possible causes of the loud buzzing in washing machines and what you can do to fix it.

Why the Buzzing in Washing Machines?

If there is a loud buzzing sound from your washing machine, check and rule out the simple things first, listed in order of increasing complexity below.

#1. Is the washing machine mounted on a level surface? If not, this can explain the buzzing sound.

An unstable washing machine or one adjacent to a loosely hanging object can cause it to vibrate and give off a buzzing sound as it spins/

Make sure the washer is mounted on a flat level surface and that there are no objects in contact with its body that are a source of vibration.

You may have to adjust the washing machine feet to make sure all four supports make solid contact with the ground.

#2. Is it possible that loose metal objects such as coins, zippers, clips, and others may be rubbing against the metallic drum as it spins? Inspect the washing machine basket for such objects and remove them.

Always check the laundry for metallic objects before putting them into the washing machine. If the clothes have zippers or any metallic parts, you can insert them in the washer inside out so that they do not rub against the metallic drum.

#3. Check to see if the drain pump is jammed with metallic or pieces of laundry that maybe restrict the rotation of the impeller.

If so, the motor can make a buzzing sound. You may also notice the washing machine unable to drain the water completely.

Check the washer service manual for instructions on how to access and remove any foreign objects that may be jamming the pump.

Lastly, it could also be a fault with the washing machine motor. You may have to consult a qualified washing machine technician to support you.

Final Thoughts

If the washing machine makes loud unusual buzzing or humming sounds, this is likely not normal. Check the simple things first – confirm that it is installed on a level surface, that there are no metallic objects in the basket or laundry, and that the drain pump is not jammed.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified technician to support you at any one time.

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