Fridge Leaking Green Fluid? (What to Do)

You may find some water under your fridge from time to time and this will likely not cause any alarm, unlike green fluid. This will definitely catch one’s attention.

You’ll want to know what it is, the possible causes and whether you should use the fridge or not.

From this post, you’ll get to know what the green fluid is, what causes the leak, and also get guidance on what to do should you find a leak.

The Green Fluid – What is it?

The green fluid may be refrigerant or defrost water mixed with copper oxide, which is formed when the copper tubes react with the air. Is the green fluid oily or watery? If oily then it’s probably refrigerant.

Most probably, the fridge has sprung a leak hence the green liquid on the floor. The green color is added to the refrigerant to make it easy to locate the source of the leak.

Why you Might Have a Leak?

If you find the green fluid leaking, this may be because:

  • The fridge has suffered physical damage to the evaporator coils
  • A previous repair job on the fridge coils was not done properly
  • Wear and tear to the refrigerant cooling system as the fridge ages

Or, it might be a case of defrost water mixed with copper oxide.

Should you Continue using the Fridge?

This depends on the nature of the problem. If it is water from the defrost cycle, then there is no issue with the continued use of the fridge. If it is refrigerant then the fridge will not be able to cool.

Contact a qualified fridge technician. Depending on the cost of parts plus labor and age of the fridge, it may be preferable to invest in a new fridge instead of repairing the old one.

Closing Thoughts

The green fluid leaking from the fridge might be water from a defrost cycle mixing with copper oxide or a refrigerant leak.

If it is water from the defrost cycle, it may be because the drain tube is blocked. Contact a qualified technician if you need support.

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