How Much Electricity and Power a 750 Watt Space Heater Uses?

Small spaces such as you find in an RV or a small room under 150 sq. ft can require a low-power electric space heater to keep you warm during the cold winter nights if there is supplementary heating.

If you have decided on the 750 watt space heater and plan to leave it running throughout the night then you might be concerned about its impact on your energy bill.

Also, it helps to know its current draw so that you can size the wiring and circuit breaker well enough to avoid tripping the breaker and damaging the outlets

So, in this post, I cover the energy consumption of the 750 watt heater, how much it is likely to cost you, share tips to help reduce the bill and provide guidance on recommended wiring and circuit breaker information so that you can use it reliably and safely.

Does a 750 Watt Space Heater Use a Lot of Electricity?

The 750 watt space heater is one of the smaller space heaters and compared to the larger wattage heaters, does not consume a lot of electricity.

The actual consumption (kWh) depends on how the heater is used, i.e. how many hours of usage, power levels used, and how well it is maintained.

For example, leaving the heater on throughout the night though necessary increases the electricity consumption substantially than if it is on for a few hours.

How Much Electricity the 750 Watt Space Heater Consumes?

The energy consumption (kWh) depends on the number of hours of usage per day and whether it is set to a high or low mode.

Assuming that the heater is used for 8 hours a day when set to high, its energy consumption over 24 hours is 6,000 watt-hours or 6 kWh.

Over 30 days, its monthly energy consumption is 180 kWh.

How Much It Costs you to Run the 750 watt Heater?

Assuming the heater is used for 8 hours per day when set to maximum temperature with an energy cost of 12 cents per kWh.

The daily cost of running the heater is only USD 0.72 from (750 watts x 8 hours) /1000 x USD 0.12. Assuming maximum power for 8 hours a day at 12 cents per kWh.

The cost of running the heater per hour is only USD 0.09 from (750 watts x 1 hour) /1000 x USD 0.12. Assuming maximum power for 8 hours a day at 12 cents per kWh.

The monthly cost of operating the heater is USD 21.6 from (750 watts x 8 hours x 30 days) /1000 x USD 0.12. Assuming maximum power for 8 hours a day at 12 cents per kWh.

Tips to Reduce the Electricity Costs of Running a 750 Watt Space Heater

If you have an energy source with limited capacity such as a backup battery or simply want to keep your energy costs low then you can:

  • Use the eco mode or a lower energy setting mode on the space heater if you do not need maximum power from the heater.

When set to low, the space heater uses a fraction of the energy, usually 50% or 375 watts.

Some space heaters have a thermostat that cycles on and off power when the temperature falls below the set temperature which helps to regulate and further conserve energy.

  • Maintain the heater operating efficiency by regularly cleaning the space heater to remove dust and other materials that can reduce the heating efficincy of the space heater.

Several manufacturers recommend vacuuming the heater to remove dust or the use of compressed air to blow out any dust.

Alternatively, you can also use a blower. Check the owner manual for your heater on how to safely clean the heater.

How Much Power a 750 Watt Space Heater Uses?

A 750 watt space heater uses as much as 750 watts of energy when set to the maximum or high setting.

If set to the low or eco setting ( for the models that have the feature), the space heater can use as low as 375 watts.

How Many Amps a 750 Watt Space Heater Draws

To supply the 750 watts of power, the space heater draws approximately 6 amps of current at 110/120V. If the heater is rated 208, 240V, the current draw will be lower at about 3 amps.

At the eco setting of 375 watts, the current draw of the 750 watts, 110/120V heater reduces to about 3 amps.

Which Electrical Circuit to Plug the Heater ?

You can plug the heater in a regular 13 or 15 amp outlet or receptacle connected to a shared or dedicated 15 or 20 amp breaker provided the maximum current rating of the breaker and wiring is not exceeded.

Should the circuit breaker trip, consider running the heater in eco mode or running the heater alone on the electrical circuit.

Should You Plug the Space Heater Into an Extension Cord?

No, you should plug the heater into a 110V outlet or receptacle instead of an extension cord.

The heater draws a sizeable current that might be higher than the current handling capacity of extension causing damage possibly a fire.

Only plug the heater into an extension cord if you are sure that it is able to supply the rated current draw of the heater.

What Size of Wire to Use with a 750 watt Space Heater?

Use 14 AWG wire pr larger (size) with the 750 watts, 110V/120V, or 240V space heater. This size of wire is sufficient to handle the 6 amps drawn at 110V/120V or 3 amps at 240V by the heater.

Final word

The 750 watt space heater can have monthly electricity consumption of about USD 21.6 depending on hours of usage and power level set to.

The estimated peak power draw of the electric heater is 750 W.

To reduce energy consumption, change the usage mode to eco mode. If set to eco mode, the power draw can be as low as 50% or 375 watts.

You can also improve its heating efficiency and save energy by regularly cleaning the heater to remove dust.

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