Is a 700 watts Microwave any good?

If you are looking for a convenient cooking solution for your van or camper and have limited space then a 700 watt microwave oven might be the right solution for you.

But while it can fit in smaller spaces compared to the larger higher power rated units, what do you have to give up? Is the cooking time considerably longer?

This post lists the advantages of a 700 watt microwave, and what else you need to be aware of when using it to get the best performance from it.

The Pros of a 700 watt Microwave

Much as its microwave power output (700 watts) is lower compared to the larger, 800 watt+, you can still cook your favorite dishes with it.

It fits in a smaller space (about 17.3 (W) x 12.8 (D) x 10.2 (H)) inches of space. and if you have a lower power 1,500 watt inverter, you should be able to use it without upgrading it.

Higher power rated microwaves will likely need a larger 1,500 watt sine-wave inverters.

The Disadvantages of a 700 watt Microwave

It has limited space inside and depending on the manufacturer, may only be able to take up to about 10a -inch diameter plate only.

So, you’ll need to prepare smaller portions at a time which increases your cooking time which can be an issue if you have a large family.

Secondly, the cooking time with this oven is longer compared to say a 1,000 watt microwave oven.

Should you buy a 700 watt Microwave or Larger?

If you’re ok with cooking smaller portions at a time and have limited space to install the microwave then go ahead a buy the 700 watt microwave.

You’ll likely be limited to smaller diameter plates of about 10 inches diameter (check the specifications for your microwave) including the handles to avoid damaging the interior walls.

If you plan to power it off an inverter, expect to use at least an 1,500-watt sinewave inverter or larger especially if using a non-microwave inverter oven.

These draw maximum power (but for shorter durations) even when set to lower power levels.

How much Longer a 700 watt Microwave takes to Cook?

A 700 watt microwave oven takes longer to cook than the higher power 700 watt + microwave-rated microwaves.

For example, as a rough guide, a 700-watt microwave takes about 1.5 times the cooking time you’ll expect with say a 1,100-watt microwave.

A recipe that should take 2 minutes to cook with an 1,100 watt microwave will take about 3 minutes from 1.5 x 2 minutes.

Always check and use the recommended cooking instructions on the packaging.

Final Word

A 700-watt microwave is ideal for vans, campers, or kitchens with limited space. Expect to cook smaller portions than with the larger 1000 watts microwave ovens.

Also cooking time will be a bit longer than with the larger 1000 watt + microwave ovens.

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