Is It Normal for A Microwave Interior Light to Flicker? (+ Common Causes and Fixes)

A flickering microwave light can be a source of irritation and concern too. Should you expect this?

Is it a sign that the microwave is about to fail?

These are probably a few of the questions that might run through your mind.

So, in this post, I’ll share my insights from research on whether it is normal for a microwave light to flicker, what causes the flickering, and also provide some tips on how you may be able to stop the flickering.

Is the Flickering of the Microwave Light Normal?

The microwave oven light should be steady when the door is opened or the microwave oven is switched on and cooking.

It is not normal if it flickers on and off even though the microwave still works well.

If the microwave is connected to a shared circuit with some lights, you may experience the dimming of the lights (not the interior microwave light) that share the same circuit as the microwave when it is switched on and running.

This is a sign that the circuit is nearly overloaded and you should consider installing the microwave on a dedicated circuit.

Consult a qualified electrical technician for support on this.

Why Does the Microwave Light Flicker ON and OFF?

There are 3 likely reasons why your microwave’s interior light might flicker when the door is opened or the microwave is running (in use).

#1. The light bulb might be loose. The light bulb might be loosely seated in the holder or the connecting wires might be loose or broken

#2. The switch that activates the light might be faulty, the connecting wires loose or damaged, or the mechanism connecting the door to the switch might be faulty.

#3. Faulty control board. There might be a fault with the control board where the light draws its power from.

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How to Fix a Flickering Microwave Interior Light?

If the microwave is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or the supplier for a replacement microwave.

If you choose to proceed with troubleshooting the flickering light and need to remove the microwave cover, make sure you are qualified to do so.

It helps to have the service manual on hand as the take apart instructions can vary from one microwave model to another.

Follow all the manufacturer safety recommendations when handling electrical equipment including making sure that the microwave oven is unplugged from the mains for your safety.

Overview of the checks you can do

#1. Door switch. Confirm that the electrical wires connecting to the door switch are firm and that there is no breakage in the individual wires.

You can carefully inspect the individual wires connecting to the switch to confirm that they are intact.

Check that the mechanism connecting the door to the micro-switch is intact, not broken, and aligns properly so that it opens and closes the switch contacts cleanly when the door is opened and closed respectively.

Next, check if the micro-switch works as expected.

When the door is closed, the micro switch should cleanly break the electrical circuit – so there should be no continuity when taking measurements with a digital meter.

Similarly, when the door is open, the meter should display continuity.

If the tests show that the micro-switch is not working as expected then arrange to get a replacement switch for your microwave.

#2. Light bulb. Check the wire connections to the light bulb and make sure that they are firmly connected to the light build holder and intact with no damage.

Confirm that the light bulb is firmly seated in the bulb holder.

#3. If the microswitch and light bulb wiring and connections are intact and you still have a flickering light bulb then you might have a fault with the microwave’s control board.

It is probably best at this point that you contact an authorized repair center for your microwave.

Related Questions

#1. Why a Microwave Light Flickers when Opening the Door?

Depending on the model of the microwave, it might be that that door micro switch is malfunctioning hence the flicker. In some cases, the switch can be loose, and fixing it properly solves the problem. In other cases, a replacement switch may be required.

It is advisable to contact a qualified appliance technician as the plastic mounts can break easily.

Note: Always follow recommended safety procedures when working with microwave ovens to avoid the risk of injury or death from electrical shocks

#2. Why the Microwave light may not be Working?

If the light does not work (always confirm that the microwave is switched on), confirm that the bulb is securely fitted in the bulb holder. A loosely fitted bulb can stop it from working.

If this does not fix it, it is possible that the bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced. Check the owner’s manual on what bulb to purchase, and how to remove and fit another.

Though not so common, it is also possible that the bulb holder may be damaged or there is a loosely connected wire.

Contact a qualified appliance technician to support you on this unless you have the skills.

Note: Always follow safety precautions when working with a microwave as there is a risk of injury or even death from electric shocks.

Final Thoughts

A flickering microwave interior light can be annoying.

Much as it may not usually affect the cooking of the microwave, it should be attended to and fixed.

Fortunately, several of the causes of flickering can be traced to the light, micro-switch, and related connections.

Beware that in some cases, the fault might be on the control board.

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