LED Lights Flicker when Dishwasher Runs? (How to Fix)

You are at home and you notice that the LED lights in the house flicker as the dishwasher runs. They’ll not only cause discomfort but also be a source of concern.

As a result, you may have questions such as: Is the washing machine failing? Should you replace the LED lights?

What do you need to do to stop this flicker?

Read on to find out why your LED lights might flicker and what you can do to fix them.

There are several possible reasons why the LED lights might flicker as the dishwasher runs and it helps to do a few more checks to narrow down the likely causes.

This helps to identify the problem faster and in some cases can minimize unnecessary costs such as replacements of lights or returns of a dishwasher that may not necessarily fix the problem.

What Checks you Can Do

Collect more information about the flicker condition by checking:

#1. Is it all the lights or selected lights in the house? This might point to a problem circuit. Either way, it helps you understand the extent of the problem and can also provide clues to what might be the problem.

#2. Do the lights have dimmer switchers? Dimmers can pick up voltage changes more easily

#3. Does the flickering only happen with the dishwasher or with other appliances too such as an AC that have a heavy current draw? If it only happens with the dishwasher then this might imply that the fault is specific to the dishwasher otherwise it probably points to a faulty within the electric circuit to which the dishwasher is connected to.

#4. Is this happening with a new dishwasher installation or it is a recent problem with an existing dishwasher where previously there was no flicker?

Why LED Lights Flicker when Dishwasher Runs | What to Do

Your house lights can flicker for any of the following reasons

#1. Loose wire connections. Check for loose wire connections at the wall outlet. If you are using an extension cord or adapter, remove the top plug and plug the plug directly into the wall outlet. Check if this stops the flicker.

If so, the extension cord or adapter may have loose connections or contacts.

You can also switch the dishwasher to another outlet and check if this clears the problem. If it does then there is a problem with the outlet the dishwasher was plugged into.

Are there any loose wire connections, possibly the neutral wire that needs to be tightened? Or corrosion in the service panel?

Contact a licensed electrician to inspect and make the necessary fixes. Voltages in the service panel can cause severe injury or kill you.

Only work with the service panel if you have taken the necessary safety precautions and have the skills to do so.

#2. Is the dishwasher connected to a dedicated or a shared circuit? If it is on a shared circuit, it is possible that the combined current drawn by the washer (with other appliances switched on) is causing a voltage drop in the circuits that is picked up as flicker.

Consider moving the dishwasher to a dedicated circuit and check again if this clears the flicker.

#3. If the flicker is only when the dishwasher is running, it is possible that the LED lights are picking up electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the dishwasher.

Consider installing an EMI filter compatible with your dishwasher and check if this clears the problem.

#4. Are all the lights in the house flickering? If so, you may have to contact the power company to inspect the feed to your house. A problem with the power supply connections can also result in the flickering of lights.

Closing thoughts

If the lights in your house flicker when the dishwasher is on, you should consider as a first step confirming that the wire connections at the wall outlet and service panel. (Contact a licensed electrician).

Check also if the dishwasher is on a dedicated circuit as the heavy current draw can cause a voltage drop as the dishwasher runs.

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