Microwave Display Flickers – What to Do

The flicker on your microwave display can make it unusable.

It can be difficult to know what program selection has been made, correct errors made in specifying cooking times, a common occurrence, or know how much longer you need to wait before the set cooking time for your favorite recipe has elapsed.

In addition, you may also have concerns and questions such as whether it is safe to continue using it.

This post provides more insight into common causes of flicker in microwave displays, whether you should continue using one if the display is flickering, and lastly if and how you can fix the display.

What Causes the Display to Flicker?

There are two common reasons why the display on your microwave may flicker. It may have:

#1. A loose connector plug on the display board. If the connector plug is not fitted firmly in the socket, the display screen may blink, on and off, especially when the microwave is moved.

#2. A faulty display board. If the display board is faulty then the screen can flicker too.

Should You Continue Using It | Is it Dangerous?

A microwave with a faulty display is not convenient to use. It is difficult to set cooking times accurately or monitor the cooking time left on the microwave.

Also, there’s no telling whether it is an isolated problem or one that is likely to progressively get worse.

While in some cases, it may be possible to continue using the microwave, in my opinion, you should get it fixed.

Contact the supplier if it is still under warranty or a qualified microwave technician if you do not have the skills and are not able to follow the safety precautions recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Fix it?

Depending on the nature and extent of the fault, fixing the flickering display can be an easy fix for example, if it is a loose connection or the display board is faulty and needs to be replaced.

In some cases, you may be able to clear the flashing on the microwave display by switching off power from the wall outlet for at least 30 seconds and switching it back on.

If this fails to work, contact an authorized service technician for assistance.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines when repairing the microwave.

Is it Worth fixing it?

This depends on the cost of parts and labor should you have to pay for a callout. Considering that a new microwave can cost between USD 150 – 200, in my opinion, it is a probably better option to purchase a new one (which comes with a warranty) instead of investing in repairs.

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Why a Microwave Display may be Showing Strange Characters?

A microwave display can sometimes show a combination of numbers and letters or symbols or strange numbers.

These are most probably error codes built into the microwave to help the technician quickly identify the likely fault with the microwave.

Closing Thoughts

Using a microwave safely if the display screen is not steady and flickers can be difficult.

Fortunately, in some cases, the fix can be fairly straightforward. If the unit is out of warranty, consider the replacement parts and associated labor. It may be a better option to get a new one with a warranty.

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