Microwave Leaking Fluid? What to Do?

It is not often that you’re likely to see fluid leaking in or from a microwave even when you use it several times a day, but it can happen from time to time.

And when it does, it is probably the last thing you’d like to happen considering that a microwave uses electricity, and it’s not safe to have fluid leaks around an electrical appliance for safety reasons.

So, this post looks at why this happens, whether it’s normal, and lastly shares some tips to stop or fix the leaking of fluid from a microwave.

What Causes a Microwave to Leak Water?

Depending on the food, duration, and power level of the microwave you’ve selected, steam is given off as the food cooks.

This then condenses on the microwave surfaces and vents and can find its way under the microwave through the vents or under the door.

Is this Normal?

With regard to water leaks, this is normal and should be expected. To minimize this, leave the microwave door open as soon as you finish cooking for the airflow to dry out the microwave interior.

Alternatively, you can dry out the interior with a piece of dry cloth after cooking. You can also minimize the steam given off during cooking by covering the food with cling film.

Is it Dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous with regard to water dripping. try to minimize this though by following the tips given that the buildup of water from the microwave can lead to rusting of the microwave and the surface on which it is placed if it is metallic.

Microwave Leaking Yellow Fluid?

You may notice a yellowish or brown liquid on the microwave bottom, common with microwaves that have a vent and duct system that channels the smoke and fumes outside.

This is most probably cooking oil or fats that collect on the vents as you cook.

There is a buildup of oil and grease that collects inside the duct system and can drip back into the microwave when the cavity is warm, hence the yellow or brown fluid in the microwave.

Clean the vents with dishwasher solution in hot water to remove the grease.

Should you Continue using the Microwave?

Occasional dripping of water is normal and should be expected. It is caused by the reasons explained above. It is not a defect. Follow the tips above to minimize the dripping of water.

Closing Thoughts

Occasional dripping of water from the microwave is normal but can be minimized.

The dripping of yellow or brown fluid or fats from the microwave vents and ducts too can be fixed by periodically cleaning out the vents.

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