Microwave Not Turning Smoothly – Causes and Fixes

The rotating turntable in a microwave helps the food in the microwave cook evenly – without it doing so, there is a risk that some portions of the food may cook to different levels.

This turntable is designed to rotate smoothly but as you know, there will always be exceptions.

In this case, the glass plate may wobble and jerk as it rotates.

What do you do in this case? And is this something you can fix yourself or do you need to contact a technician?

Fortunately, there are some fixes you may be able to do yourself.

In this post, you’ll find some helpful suggestions that can help you understand what causes the wobble and how you may be able to fix it.

Quick Answer

If the turntable jerks and does not rotate smoothly, check that there are no obstructions restricting the free rotation of the roller ring and that the turntable is fitted properly.

Read on for more details on why it may not be rotating smoothly and what you can do about it.

Why the Microwave may not Rotating Smoothly

#1. Check if there are any food particles stuck under the turntable roller ring. Carefully lift the glass plate from the ring and remove any stuck particles that may be restricting the smooth movement of the turntable.

Use soapy water to remove any stuck food.

# 2. Is the turntable properly and evenly seated on the ring or is it unbalanced? An unbalanced turntable will wobble as the motor rates.

#3. If the microwave has a ring, check if the roller and its wheels are seated on the roller wheel track for smooth rotation. If not, align the wheels to fit in the roller track so that the turn table rotates smoothly.

#4. Is the turntable firmly fitted and aligned with the coupler? If not then the turn table will wobble and occasionally hit the microwave walls.

Align the microwave turn table to fit and lock with the coupler that is driven by the motor.

Tips to Prevent the Microwave from Rotating Jerkily

Clean the track where the roller wheels rotate periodically and the roller wheels themselves especially if there is food or sauce that has spilled in the microwave.

With the microwave oven unplugged from the wall outlet, clean the inside of the microwave floor with a soft cloth dipped into a soapy solution.

Make sure to dry the surface thoroughly afterward.

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Closing Thoughts

If your microwave turntable is rotating jerkily, check that it is seated firmly, there are no food particles stuck on the wheels or the circular track where they rotate.

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