Microwave oven Display Blank? What to Do

Are you wondering why your microwave’s display is blank, if it is a fault and whether it can be fixed?

If the display is off then you may not have access to the timer or handy clock.

The display screen of your microwave can go blank for various reasons. Fortunately, some of them are easy to fix, in fact, you may be able to do it yourself.

Others may be more involved and may require the services of a qualified technician because of the complexity and exposure to the risk of serious injury and possibly death from high voltages when repairing microwaves if safety precautions are not followed.

This post why the display may go off, which causes you may be able to fix yourself by referring to the manual and when you should probably contact a qualified service technician.

Why your Microwave’s Display Screen may be Off (5 Reasons)

There are several reasons why your microwave screen may be off. We’ll go them starting in order of probably the ones easiest to fix.

Some may appear obvious but working through them can save you a lot of time!

#1. Your microwave may not be receiving power at the outlet. Confirm that the microwave outlet has power. Is the circuit breaker on or it has tripped?

If the breaker is off, the microwave will not receive power and the display will be off. Check whether other outlets on the circuit work?

You can confirm this by plugging another appliance into the outlet such as an electric kettle and checking if it works.

#2. The display may be turned off via a setting or an inbuilt feature in the microwave model. Check the microwave’s owner manual if:

The display is turned off. On most microwaves, you can turn On or Off the display by toggling the display On/OFF button.

When the display is turned off, the microwave will usually continue to work as normal except that the screen is blank.

The display will usually come on when the microwave door is opened, one of the control buttons is pressed or it is turned on again.

The microwave might have the power save feature activated. When engaged the microwave display goes off to minimise power draw by the microwave when in standby mode.

Check the owner manual if this is the reason.

#3. Inspect the microwave power cable for any damage. If there is a cut or a break in insulation, burn marks along the cable length can point to damage to the power cable which may interrupt power flow to the microwave and stop the microwave from working.

You’ll need to replace the power cable with another of the same type.

#4. The internal fuse may have blown. If there is power at the wall outlet has power but the microwave display remains off (and the microwave does not work) then the internal microwave may have blown.

Contact a qualified technician for assistance.

If you need to replace any parts – the magnetron for example, always inquire the associated cost of the parts and labor and compare with the price of a new one.

Buying a new one with a warranty may be a better option for you.

#5. The microwave display board or main board may be damaged. It could be an accidental short or circuit board component failure that is affecting the display.

Consult a qualified microwave technician in this case for assistance.

Final Word

If your microwave display screen is off, it may be because of a setting that needs to be engaged or a fault with the display board or main board.

Check that its display has not been turned off or the power save function engaged.

If it is not either of these then it might be a fault with the display or main board.

Contact a qualified service technician for support. Microwaves have high voltages that can cause injury or death if the safety precautions are not followed.

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