Mini fridge Keeps Turning itself off (Solved!)

Can’t get your mini fridge to work? You switch it on and it runs briefly before it dies down again. If you’re frustrated and stuck wondering what to do then read on.

In this post, you’ll find the possible causes why your fridge is not able to run continuously and what you can do to fix it.

Why a Mini fridge may be Turning itself off

If your mini fridge keeps turning itself off, check the seemingly obvious causes first. It can save you time in ruling them out first before moving to the more complicated causes.

#1. Confirm that the mini fridge plug is firmly plugged into the wall receptacle. A loosely fitting plug may cause the fridge to shut down when the plug pins do not make firm contact with the wall receptacle.

Are you using an adapter or an extension cord to supply power to the mini fridge? If so, connect the mini fridge directly to the wall outlet and check if this clears the problem.

#2. Inspect the mini fridge power cord for any signs of damage. A damaged power cord (with broken insulation or one whose internal wires have been subjected to stress by bending or a heavy object resting on them) may result in an unreliable power connection to the mini fridge compressor leading the fridge to power down.

Inspect the mini fridge power cord for any burn marks or deep kinks in the insulation to rule out this possibility. If the power cord is damaged, replace it with another of the same gauge and type.

If your fridge uses both propane and 120V AC (2-way), check the following:

#1. The 12V battery for powering the controls has sufficient charge. What is the battery voltage? If the batteries are discharged, the fridge will shut down and only restart when the batteries are sufficiently charged.

#2. Confirm that either of the energy sources whether propane or 120V AC is available. If the fridge is set to auto and both the 120V AC and the propane gas are not available (switched off) then the fridge will shut down.

Depending on the available fridge controls, double-check that it is set to “auto” in which case it can be powered off 120V AC (priority) or propane (usually lower priority) whichever is available.

If it is set to manually operate in AC mode or LP gas mode and the respective energy source either 120V AC or LP propane is not available then the fridge will shut down.

#3. You may need to make several restart attempts in case there is air in the gas supply lines (if attempting to power it off propane). This can happen if the fridge has not been in use for a while or if you’ve just connected a new gas tank.

As a safety precaution, the fridge is usually designed to attempt to ignite the burner for 30 seconds after which the igniter and gas valve are turned off until the mini fridge is powered off and switched on again (reset).

You can contact a qualified mini fridge technician if none of the above suggestions work or at any time without going through the troubleshooting tips above.

Closing Thoughts

If your mini fridge shuts down, it may be that the electrical connection is not reliable because of a loose power connection or a damaged power cord.

In case of a 2-way or 3-way fridge, confirm that the 12V battery is sufficiently charged and the controls are set to use the desired power source whether 120V AC or propane. These are just a few of the possible causes.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified technician at any one time for support.

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