Mini Fridge Leaking Water (Quick Fixes)

Mini fridges leak water too and mopping pools of water on the inside bottom of your mini fridge or on the floor is not fun.

It is not only annoying and frustrating too especially if it happens several times.

Leaking of water in a mini fridge is not limited to a mini fridge that has been in service for some time, it can happen to new fridges too.

So What causes these leaks? Is this something you can fix?

Fortunately, in some cases, this is an easy fix!

This post lists the common reasons why your mini fridge might leak water and what you can do to stop it.


Always confirm if the water on the floor is from the fridge! There are instances, especially in an RV where the leak might be from a loosely fitted supply or drain pipe.

Check if there are other water supply sources near the fridge that may be responsible for the leak.

What Causes a Mini Fridge to Leak Water (inside)

There are several reasons why water might be leaking from your mini fridge:

#1. Possibly the fridge’s power supply has been interrupted. Has the fridge power supply been switched off or there has been a power outage?

If so, then the ice in the freezer will melt over time and the water formed will drip and form a puddle on the fridge floor.

What you can do: Restore the power supply to the fridge and once the fridge has run continuously for several hours, the water leaks should stop. You may have to monitor over several days.

#2. The Fridge door may not have been firmly closed allowing warmer moisture-laden air to enter the fridge. This is then cooled and the moisture in it is cooled forming water drops that then drain to the bottom of the fridge.

What you can do: Close that fridge door firmly and check if the fridge still leaks over several days.

Also, check the door seal to ensure that it firmly closes and that there are no gaps.

These can let in warmer air that mixes with the cooler inner air resulting in condensation, drops and puddles of water to form.

What you can do: Align seals that may be out of position. If damaged, contact a licensed fridge technician to replace them.

#3. Inspect the fridge and make sure no drinks or fluids have accidentally spilled in the fridge. This may give the impression that there is a fault with the fridge

#4. The drain pipe in the mini fridge is blocked. If the drain pipe is clogged, then water from the defrost will overflow and pool at the bottom of the fridge and possibly onto the floor.

What you can do: You can use a straw to poke around the hole to loosen any dirt that may have built up and blocked the tube. Take care not to damage the fridge surfaces.

The drain pipe carries the water from the inside of the fridge to the back where it is heated and turned into water vapor.

#5. Does the fridge have an ice maker or any water connection? If so, Inspect the supply line and make sure that there is no damage or lose fitting that is leaking.

Turn off the water supply before attempting to do any repairs.

Is it Dangerous?

Leaking water in the fridge is both an inconvenience and can lead to spoilage of fresh vegetables if they are left soaked in water.

Sometimes too, the buildup of water in the fridge is a symptom of other faults in the fridge that can stop the fridge not functioning properly – for example if the door seals are damaged.

This can lead to spoilage and unsafe food that is a health hazard.

Closing Thoughts

If water is leaking inside the mini fridge, don’t panic. The fix might be easier than you think. In fact, it is better if you start by checking and eliminating the common causes of water leaking.

This can be as straightforward as a power outage affecting the power supply to the fridge to a blocked drain pipe or a misaligned, damaged door seal.

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