Mini Fridges | How Cold Do they Get?

Mini fridges are a great solution to keep food and drinks cold if you have limited space such as in a dorm or office where you may not be able to fit a larger fridge. They have a downside – …

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Why Is Oil Leaking from Mini Fridge?

mini fridge leaking oil

You check your mini fridge one day and notice a pool of liquid from under the fridge? You check it and note its smooth, non-sticky nature like that of a lubricant – refrigerant oil. Refrigerant oils help lubricate the fridge’s …

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Mini fridge not turning on | 5 Checks + Fixes

fridge not turning on

Min fridges do not run continuously – during normal operation, they cycle on and off to maintain a set temperature. Sometimes though, the mini fridge might be worryingly off for a long time. In this post, I cover the 5 …

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