Steam from the Washing Machine Soap Drawer – Is this Normal?

There are probably more washing machine cycles that end without any incident than those with one. That said, you cannot rule out the occasional or the unusual issue with the washer.

For example, that of steam coming out of a washing machine detergent drawer.

Is this Normal? Should you be concerned? In this post, you’ll find out why this can happen and what you can do about it.

Is it Normal?

No, this is not normal and more likely points to an issue with the washing machine of washing machine dryer combo. Read on to find out the possible causes.

What Causes the Steam to Come out Of a Washing Machine Detergent Drawer?

If you have steam coming out of the soap drawer, its probably because of:

#1. The washing machine temperature was set to a high level and the cycle continued for a while. If this happens, there’ll be a high temperature buildup in and steam in the washer which can escape when the door or drawer is open.

Check if the washing machine has been operated under the above conditions. If so then it is likely the reason why there’s steam from the washing machine.

#2. There might be a blockage in the condenser for washing machine dryer combo units. The condenser is part of the mechanism that these combo units without a vent use to dry the laundry after a wash cycle.

Heated air is blown over the laundry and in the process of passing over it, it extracts the moisture in the laundry drying it in the process.

Fresh water from the inlet trickles and cools the moisture laden air in the condenser to form water which is then drained to the outside by the pump.

Without fresh cold temperature water is required to extract the moisture in the air and without it there’ll be a build up of steam in the dryer.

#3. Faulty solenoid or blocked inlet valve stops the flow of cold water into the condenser and results in the buildup of steam in the dryer too.

Consult a qualified washer technician or check the the inlet valve for the condenser is not blocked or faulty which is necessary to prevent the build up of steam in the drum.

Closing Thoughts

Steam from the detergent drawer in the washer is not normal and probably points to the selection of a wash cycle with a high temperature setting for a prolonged period or a blockage in the condenser of faulty solenoid valve in case of a washing machine combo dryer.

Contact a qualified washing machine technician.

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