Washing Machine Causing Lights to Flicker when Running? Try This

Are you frustrated with the flicker from the lights in your home as the washer agitates or spins?

Identifying the cause of this flicker can be a challenge and it may not be limited to old washers only but can happen with new washers too.

The lights can be on the same or different circuits from the washing machine and may flicker in sync with the washer during the wash or spin cycles.

Can be Puzzling, right?

This post explores the possible causes of the annoying flicker that may drive you nuts and aims to share tips that can help you identify the cause and fix it for good.

Why House Lights may Flicker when the Washing Machine is Running? (Checks + Fixes)

The lights in your house may flicker in rhythm with the washer for several reasons, in no particular order:

#1. Loose wiring in the wall outlet or washer plug

Is the plug on the washer power cord plugged into an extension or adapter? If so, the plug may not be making clean and firm contact with the wall outlet contacts hence the flicker as the washer runs.

Plug the washer directly into the wall receptacle and check if the lights still flicker when the washer runs.

#2. Check if the washer is on a dedicated circuit

Is the washer on a dedicated electric circuit or is sharing the circuit with the lights? If it is a shared circuit, consider moving it to a dedicated circuit.

A shared circuit can cause the breaker in the service panel to trip if the wiring or breaker is undersized for the combined load on the circuit. Contact a licensed electrician to move the washer to a dedicated circuit.

#3. Is the washer’s electric plug firmly and directly plugged into the wall outlet or are you using an extension or adapted? Plug it into the wall outlet and check if the problem clears.

#4. Poor filtering in some LED lights

Some LED types have poor filtering. Try swapping out one or two led bulbs (that flicker) for a start with another brand that has a solid reputation and check if the flickering clears.

If it clears, you can proceed to replace all the lights.

#5. The house may have loose neutral or ground wire connections

A loose neutral or poor ground connection can use the flicker in the lights too. Contact a licensed electrician and or the power company to inspect your house’s internal wiring and service connection respectively.

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Closing Thoughts

The house lights may flicker as the washing machine runs for several reasons. Check for loose wiring in the wall outlet or washer plug, if the washer is on a dedicated circuit, or for loose neutral wire connections among others. Contact a licensed electrician for assistance.

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