Washing Machine Leaking Oil? What to Do

You put your dirty laundry in the washing machine expecting clean and ready to dry laundry only to find those annoying oil stains!

In some instances, you may find an oil leak at the bottom of the washer.

What is causing this? Can you fix this yourself or do you need a technician?

Is it worthwhile fixing at all or should you get a new washer?

This post explains the common causes of oil stains on your laundry in the washing machine, and what you should do to fix them.

Can a Washing Machine Leak Oil?

Yes, a washing machine can leak oil, particularly one that uses a gear-box system.

It is usually the washers that have been in service for several years that are more likely to experience this problem.

What can Cause an Oil leak in a Washing Machine?

If the washer has a gearbox/ transmission system then it is quite likely that there is a damaged oil seal(s) that has given way allowing the oil in the gearbox to escape, carried by the water onto the laundry.

In some cases, this oil can leak onto the bottom of the washer too.

Can you Repair the Oil leak?

Depending on the model and whether you have the technical skills, it may be worth a try.

Otherwise, consider contacting a qualified washing machine technician conversant with the particular make and model if the machine is out of warranty.

Ask for an indicative quote first to help you determine whether it is worthwhile investing in repairs or not.

Should you Bother fixing it?

This mainly depends on the nature of damage to the washer, its age, and if you’ve got the skills to repair the washer yourself.

My take is if it is an old washer, you’re probably better off purchasing another one if you consider the repair costs – parts, labor, and the fact that it is an old washer whose longevity is questionable given the life of service already rendered.

A new washer, with a warranty (extended), is probably a better deal and will give you peace of mind and remove the risk of staining whites.

How to you fix a Washing machine leaking oil

It is difficult to generalize a fix for all models – it really depends on the extent of the fault and the model.

In some cases, you may have to replace only the broken seal while in others, a new transmission system may have to be fitted

Contact a qualified service technician for advice on what is required – parts and labor to get the washer up and running.

Closing Thoughts

If your washer is leaking oil then it’s quite likely there is a damaged seal that is leaking oil into the water.

Depending on the nature of the problem and the model of the washer it may be as simple as replacing a faulty seal or a transmission system.

Contact a qualified service technician for a diagnosis.

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