Washing Machine Turning itself On? Try this

Washing machines are designed to be responsive -to always wait for instruction from you, perhaps it is a quick or a normal wash that you select and then the start button.

But what if the washing machine turns itself on (without you or any member of the family)?

Is it even possible?

Is this something you may be able to fix and save on the repair costs?

The good news is that in some cases, you may be able to resolve the fault without having to contact an appliance technician.

Read on to learn more – if a washing machine can turn itself on, why it may do so, and how you can go about fixing it should you encounter such as situation.

Can a Washing Machine Turn itself On?

It is spooky and probably not as common but yes, it is possible for a washing machine to turn itself on.

There are a number of incidents on record where washing machines that were previously off have been found with the display lit but the wash cycle engaged.

In other cases, the washer in the wash cycle – with no laundry. And not just one time but several times.

What Happens when a Washer Turns Itself On?

The washer display may light up and the machine may start a wash cycle but not always. In some cases, the washer controls lock up with you unable to stop the cycle by pressing Stop, Pause or Cancel buttons unless you unplug the machine or switch it off at the breaker.

Some washers can operate normally once started even though they occasionally turn themselves ON.

In this case, you unplug the machine from the outlet as a temporary measure as you try to fix the problem.

Why You Should Fix a Washing Machine that Turns Itself on | Dangers Faced

Increased water and electricity bills

If the washing machine turns itself on and starts running, depending on how long this happens before you identify and fix it, it can increase your monthly water and electricity bill significantly.

Why your Washing machine may be Turning itself On

#1. The wash cycle was interrupted by a power outage

If there is an interruption during one of the cycles, for example, if there is a power outage mid-cycle, a loosely fitting plug, and power is restored later, the washer can resume the cycle when you least expect it.

This can give the semblance of the washer turning itself ON.

Therefore, always check if the previous washing machine wash cycle was completed or not.

#2. The washing machine may have a faulty control board. A malfunctioning control board can also cause the washer to act randomly such as turning itself ON.

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How You Can Stop a Washer that is Turning Itself On

#1. Stop or End the Wash cycle

If the washing machine is turning itself ON, try pressing the STOP or CANCEL button to switch it off or end the cycle.

Leave it off for at least 10 minutes as this usually helps reset any uncompleted programs that there might be.

After the 10 minutes have elapsed, plug it in again and check if it starts right away or it behaves as normal – stays off until you press the START button.

# 2. Reset the Washing Machine

If stopping or ending the washing machine cycle fails to work, for example, the controls may be locked you can proceed to reset the washing machine ( so that it forgets its previous wash cycle settings) by either unplugging it from the outlet or switching it OFF from the circuit breaker for at least 10 minutes.

#3. Contact Technical Support

If the resetting does not fix and problem and the washing machine is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer so that they can send someone to fix it.

#4. Run the Washer diagnostics check

You can also run through a diagnostic sequence for your washing machine model – check the owner manual as the procedures tend to be specific to a washer manufacturer and model.

Follow the step-by-step sequence that tests different washer components and prints out an error code on the display.

You can use this error code to help you pinpoint the fault. Depending on the complexity of the fault and your technical skills, you may be able to fix it yourself or contact an appliance technician.

Check the likely labor and part costs and whether it is worthwhile repairing or replacing with a newer more reliable washer with a warranty.

#4. Washer Control Board

In some cases, the washer control board may be faulty.

If resetting the washing machine does not help, the diagnostics do not return any error or the washer display controls are locked up, you might have a case of a faulty control board.

It is best to check in the washing machine at the service center.

Always check if it worthwhile having the repairs or replacing with a newer machine.

Final Word

If your washing machine is turning itself on, it might be the case that the washing machine was previously interrupted midcycle or needs to be reset.

Depending on the washer make and model, you may be able to reset it by unplugging it from the wall outlet or switching off at the breaker for at least 10 min.

Consult the washing machine owner manual for the recommended procedure for resetting the machine.

If resetting does not work, contact a qualified appliance technician for support or the manufacturer if the washer is under warranty.

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