Why the Washing Machine Cycle Lasts Longer than the Timer Display? What to Do?

Occasionally you may notice that the washer cycle time lasts longer than what is indicated on the timer display. While it’s probably acceptable for this time to be off by a few minutes, in some cases it is off for considerably longer, as long as 30 minutes or longer.

Other times, the washing machine cycle timer may seemingly get stuck on a fixed duration to the end of the cycle (1,4 minute, or other) with the washing machine continuing to run nonstop.

Is this normal? Should you do anything to address this and if so, what?

This post explains why your washing machine’s cycle time may take longer than indicated and what you can do to fix it.

Is it Normal?

It is normal for the cycle time to be off by a few minutes. In some cases, the cycle time may be longer than indicated because an optional setting is selected which requires that additional time is added to the usual cycle time to implement the option.

Therefore check if you have selected any optional settings as these may explain why your washer’s cycle time is longer than usual.

If the cycle time is longer than usual yet the normal standard wash has been selected then there’s probably an underlying issue on the washing machine that needs to be addressed such as but not limited to low pressure of fresh water supply, blocked inlet filters, or other.

Reasons Why your Washing Machine Cycle is Longer than Indicated

To pinpoint accurately why a washing machine cycle may be taking longer than usual, note the particular cycle the washing machine is running as can provide clues as to what the underlying issue is.

Here are some of the possible reasons that may apply to your washer.

#1. The inlet water filter may be blocked or the freshwater pressure my be low. This leads to a longer than estimated time for the washer to fill to the desired level as the water flow rate is lower than the washer expects.

Check that the input water pressure is sufficient. Inspect the inlet water filters for any blockages as they may be restricting the water flow.

#2. A custom wash setting selected may require additional time to the standard wash cycle time. Have you selected the standard wash or have you selected custom settings – for example, a setting that requires a higher water temperature?

#3. During the spin cycle, the washer may not be able to drain the laundry as quickly as expected because of a blocked drain filter. Inspect the drain filter for your particular washer to remove any stuck items that may be blocking the drain.

#4. If the rinse cycle takes longer than expected, this may be because the inlet water filter may be blocked or the freshwater pressure is low.

Check that the input water pressure is sufficient. Inspect the inlet water filters for any blockages as they may be the reason why the water flow is restricted.

Related Questions

Why is the Washing Machine Timer Stuck on 1, 4, or 10 minutes?

If the washing machine timer seems stuck, note the particular cycle running as this can give you a hint as to the cause. Perhaps the water pressure is low or the inlet filter is blocked. Review the list of possible causes why the washing machine cycle may last longer than expected for clues.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified washer technician.

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Closing Thoughts

It is normal for a washing machine cycle to last longer by a few minutes. If it is considerably longer, noting the particular cycle running may give you a hint about why it is taking unusually longer than indicated.

Perhaps, the inlet filter is blocked or the drain pump is not draining as well. These are just some of the possible explanations that may apply depending on the cycle it is stuck in.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified washing machine technician for the washing machine brand.

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