Why your Washing Machine’s Display May Be Flickering (+Tips to Fix it!)

Washing machines can work reliably for many years but there can be that one time when it experiences a fault and stops working.

One such fault that can befall a washer is the case of the display flickering and possibly the machine being unable to start any program.

You may be able to attribute the fault to certain circumstances such as when the washer is exposed to moisture or it can happen unexpectedly!

Is this a fault that you may be able to fix yourself? Possibly.

In this post, I’ll share possible causes of the flickering so that you can avoid them and also suggest some fixes that may help you fix the washer yourself and save you the cost of calling out a technician if the machine is out of warranty.

Quick answer: The flickering of the washer’s display can be caused by a loosely fitting cable connector, damaged cables, or a faulty component on the display panel.

If the washer is still under warranty and the fault is covered under the warranty then contact the washer supplier or manufacturer right away.

If not, then it is a good idea to invest some time in understanding what may have triggered the fault. Here are some possible causes of the fault and what you may be able to do to rectify it.

What Causes the Washing Machine’s Display to Flicker?

#1. The washer may have been exposed to moisture. Do not install the washer outdoors where it is exposed to rain.

Also, do not expose the washer to freezing temperatures for best performance. Washers particularly the display panels have sensitive electronics that should be at room temperatures in a dry environment.

Possible fix: If it was exposed to a moist environment or water splashed on the display, disconnect it from the wall outlet and leave it for several hours for the moisture to dry out.

Switch it on again after the moisture has dried out and check if the display has stabilized.

In some cases, damage caused by the moisture may be permanent and it may fail to stabilize. In this case, contact a qualified technician for support.

#2. There might be Loosely fitting connector(s) or damaged wires on the board. Though not common, it is possible that there is a loosely fitted connector connecting the mainboard to the display panel.

Fix. Contact a qualified technician to inspect and fix or if you have the skills, follow the take apart instructions for the washer model.

Make sure you follow the safety protocols and inspect the cable connections from the mainboard to the display panel.

Confirm that the cables are intact and the connector plugs are firmly fitted on either side of the mainboard and the display board.

#3. The washing machine’s mainboard or display panel may be faulty. If there is a bad electronic component on either the board or display panel then this can also cause the display to flicker.

Fix. If the fault is not a result of exposing the washer to water and the connectors are firmly connected then there is a high likelihood that there is a fault with the mainboard of the display board.

Contact a qualified technician to support you in confirming and fixing the fault.

It helps to consider the age of the washing machine, cost of the replacement board, and labor charges against buying a new washer.

It might be a better deal to invest in a new washer instead that comes with a warranty and gives you peace of mind for several years.

Final Word

A flickering display on a washer can be caused by loosely fitting cable connector(s), damaged connecting cables, a component failure on the display panel or mainboard

This fault may be caused when the washer display is exposed to water or can also happen unexpectedly.

Check if the washer is still under warranty and whether the nature of the failure is covered by it as a first step. If not you may have to call out a technician to fix it.

Consider though whether it is worthwhile investing in repair costs (labor and parts) or buying a new washing machine with a warranty.

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